How Park On Call Reduces Overhead in the Parking Industry

The year 2020 has brought its own set of unique challenges. The pandemic was unexpected to say the least. Leaders in the parking industry have now taken on the important role of adapting and pivoting to thrive in our new normal. More than ever, businesses are taking a hard look at their overhead. There may be a need to reduce or realign costs, but the need for quality customer service still remains the same. This is where Park On Call comes in. 

While business owners are looking for creative ways to cut expenses during the pandemic, their customers’ needs have not changed. With our 24/7/365 service availability, your customers will have access to real people in real time. And, luckily for us, our services are social distancing approved. At each controlled access point, customers are able to contact our friendly and helpful team when they require assistance. Our team can serve as that personal touch that customers need, even well after normal office hours. Not only is this convenient for everyone involved, but it can also save our clients a lot of overhead costs.

Let’s break it down:

In an average-sized garage, owners or operators that opt for our basic 24/7 package will pay less than $.55 per hour for full-service remote monitoring. 

Property owners or operators not utilizing this type of service, but operating using traditional in-person staffing methods instead, face a much higher cost. If these property owners or operators were scheduling three 8-hour shifts a day and offering their lot attendants the national average (Hourly Wage for Parking Attendant) of $16.00 an hour, this would be a daily staffing cost of $384.00. This number doesn’t even include the benefits, overtime and other overhead expenses associated with a full time staff.

If you’re a person who likes to follow the numbers, you don’t need to be a math wiz to see that this correlation seems pretty clear. The owners or operators using our services are seeing the return on their investment daily. For more information on pricing for your business, schedule a demo with us today at

Although pricing is important, we know there is more to take into consideration when making a decision like this than just numbers. The addition of Park On Call’s services to your business can benefit you and your staff as well while helping to increase your bottom line. With the seamless integration of our software to a client’s Revenue and Parking Access Control System (PARCS), most of a parking attendant’s customer-facing duties can be handled by Park On Call. This allows our clients to reallocate staffing duties to improve the efficiency of their parking operation as a whole. Employees who were once manning gates can be repurposed to take care of duties that may have been neglected when staffing was tight, especially given the current economic situation. Whether these new duties would include maintenance, security, or more, they can serve to improve your location, driving sales even more. 

Furthermore, we listen to our clients and we understand their needs. Many owners and operators who are not utilizing remote monitoring are being pulled away from family time by after-hour parking calls or missing calls altogether. Since many parking locations are open 24/7, the burden of these calls are often on managers. Park On Call wants to make sure you can go to that soccer game or try out that new restaurant you’ve been wanting to visit, or just have the freedom to kick back and watch Netflix after a long week. We want our clients to be home when they’re home while we will take care of their valued customers. 

We have found after-hour calls are not the only concern of our clients. During the work day, managers are often not at their desks to take calls from the gates or paystations. We get it. We know that as a manager in parking your customers are extremely important, but balancing sales calls, reports, payroll and more while also having to stay near your phone to catch these parking calls can be more than just a little challenging. When those calls are being taken care of by a remote command center, there is more time each day for managers to focus on their staff and operational activities.

Park On Call is here to help. If you need to focus on growth, reduce overhead, and simplify your days, evenings and weekends, contact Park On Call at (844) 972-5444 or visit us at for more information.

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