Seamless Remote Monitoring Integration: How it Works

Ever wondered how remote monitoring works in a parking facility? We’ve heard it all…“I don’t think there is a need for it at my facility”, or “We have a gateless (frictionless) operation”, or “It’s not in our budget”. But, before you move on, read on. We have already addressed how we can help clients with budget constraints in our blog about  How Park On Call Reduces Overhead in the Parking Industry.  Our services are extremely flexible and we’ve been known to pull some cool things out of our hat to help improve our clients’ parking operations, so stay with us. Knowing the difference Park On Call can make for your parking operation is huge, but understanding the ease of integration is just as important. It may seem like no big thing, but when clients want to get started right away, we can actually make that happen. That in itself is yet another great benefit that Park On Call can provide to potential clients. Let’s take a look at how quickly and hassle-free our services can be implemented at your parking facility or surface lot. 

Once property owners/operators have made the decision to begin services or to switch to Park On Call, we can be fully integrated and taking live calls in as little as one day. We know our clients are busy managing the day-to-day operations and each minute is valuable, so we have made our implementation process as effortless as possible. 

Because we don’t offer a one-size-fits all service, it’s important for us to collaborate prior to implementation to assess your needs and discuss the extent of services that are best for you and your parking operation. Each new location requires onboarding so we can gather important location information prior to us going live at your location. We’ll ask you about how many entry and exit points you have, whether you want your elevators monitored, what your location’s rate structure is, and any other key location information and preferences. This means that from day one, we’re able to become a true extension of you and your team, and your customers won’t face a lapse in high quality services. Our professional team, who will be armed with local knowledge about your area and parking facility, is instantly able to manage calls and sound as if they work right in your back office on-site. 

Because we are interested in providing a customized service for your specific location, we are able to individualize our customer service platform according to the specific needs and preferences of each client. Through this platform, our team is able to view important details, such as rates, lanes, contact lists, specific requirements, and more with just the push of a button. We know you can’t be there to answer every customer call, but you can be at ease knowing questions and needs at the gates are being handled by competent service professionals who are committed to outstanding customer service. 

So, we keep saying how easy it is to get started, but what exactly does that mean? Let’s take a look. Our robust customer service platform is able to integrate with all PARCS equipment that utilizes intercoms. Many machines come with pre-existing intercom systems, which we can easily connect to remotely. Most garages also have cameras used to track activity and these can also be seamlessly integrated. The integration of these cameras has proven to be a huge asset to many of our clients. With the addition of these “extra eyes” in the garage, our team is able to catch problems before they start or as they are happening. We can monitor exits, entrances and even pay station lobbies observe issues, such as a long line impeding a particular gate. Where humans are involved, there can be the element of human error, for example when people misunderstand how to navigate exit machine equipment, which in turn, can cause delays. Normally, without our eyes on the garage, a solution to this simple misunderstanding could be delayed, causing customer frustration which can even lead to gate arm damage. With our view of the garage, we are able to quickly see this problem and dispatch an on-site employee to assist immediately. This is just one example of the many ways that camera integration can help. And, luckily, you don’t have to wait to get this feature in your location. With the IP address, username and password of your cameras, our team is able to quickly integrate with your camera system and begin helping customers more efficiently and accurately than ever. 

In some cases, parking locations may not have their own intercoms or cameras established, especially if a client has recently upgraded their equipment or they are opening a brand new location. We’ve worked with all intercoms and are able to recommend quality parts and cameras to fit with your budget and location’s needs. This takes the stress of the research and installation off of our clients and gives them peace of mind that they’re getting the best possible equipment in the industry.

Once our system has been integrated with your PARCS equipment, we are ready to go live. Yes, you read that right. That’s it. Our team can be taking calls for your parking location in as little as one day, giving you instant customer service results. Not only can your customers receive our professional and consistent service right away, but you will be able to track our service through your first detailed report within the first 24 hours.

Contact us today at (844) 972-5444 or visit us at for additional information about how you can get Park On Call started quickly at your parking location.

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