What is Remote Monitoring: Monthly Reporting

Our last blog post reviewed how Park On Call’s Incident Tracking feature identifies issues and trends by compiling the data we collect during Remote Monitoring. Now, we would like to expand this series by sharing why our clients love our monthly reporting. Our customizable reporting option is one of the many features that makes us so unique. Our clients are able to identify cost-cutting opportunities to grow their parking operations. Let’s dive into what that can mean for your business.

 Although we offer daily reporting, our monthly reports offer a whole new perspective. Data gathered daily from those help button calls build up to paint a picture of what is happening at each entry and exit point over the course of a month. Call volume peaks and possible machine malfunctions are two frequently occurring issues our clients begin to take control of after receiving Park On Call monthly reports.

For clients worried about the functionality of their machines, our data collection and reporting feature can help you identify just how many calls we receive from any particular machine and the exact nature of those calls. When we demonstrate a pattern of machine issues, it becomes a great opportunity for our clients to perform preventive maintenance. When we can catch these maintenance issues before they are in dire need of attention, we are able to prevent customer frustration, possible machine damage, and severe revenue loss down the line.

The Monthly Reports generated from our Incident Tracking feature allow clients to see trends clearly. For property owners/operators looking for the best ways to save money and offer their customers the best possible experience, these reports can be of great value. Monthly Reports helped our client Parkwell Parking discover a trend of parkers exiting their facility without paying. Paired with Park On Call’s other customizable reporting services, Monthly Reporting made it simple for Parkwell to uncover and eliminate this disruption in revenue. Our next blog post will highlight how Parkwell implemented investigative questioning to cease dishonest activity in their garage.

Our Monthly Reports are completely customizable. You can, and should, customize what information we show you. Why? That is how our clients get the most value out of these reports. A client looking to make staffing adjustments may request to view how many calls we received during a certain time period over the course of a month. For particularly busy hours of the day, property owners/operators may consider having a more robust staffing strategy. Alternatively, a reduction of in-person staffing might be prompted by data showing our team receiving minimal calls during heavy staffing periods. With both cases, our monthly reports point out possible vulnerabilities and confirm areas of success to ensure that our clients’ parking locations are running smoothly.

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